Whole House Disinfection

We Kill Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, and More
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We offer whole-house disinfection, which kills almost all germs and viruses found in homes.

We use a two-step process:

  1. The first step is using chlorine dioxide, a disinfectant that gets rid of mold and viruses. Chlorine Dioxide is not another form of Chlorine. It is defined in the U.S. as having “no elemental free chlorine”; hence it does not chlorinate. It is because of this fact and the amazing chemistry of chlorine dioxide that it is becoming an important tool in disinfection and oxidation.
  2. The second chemical is a different product is a surface protectant that sets up a barrier that continues to kill until it wears off. It lasts about 30 days. So instead of Lysol, which can be contaminated, this will protect you longer.

This process is recommended year-round, but especially during the winter months when germs are at their worst using a solution that is engineered to kill germs mechanically, not chemically, and applying it with an electrostatic sprayer, which causes the solution to safely adhere to every surface in a room, even the ones that are not easily accessible.

The solution will last several weeks in high traffic areas and can last several months in low traffic areas. The same process is being used at Disney World and in many major and college-level locker rooms across the country.

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