Fire & Smoke Restoration

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Fire and Smoke Issues

Fires not only destroy priceless belongings and displace people from their homes, but even the areas not directly affected by the fire are covered in a film and have an odor that comes with smoke. We are specially trained and possess the tools needed to return your home and belongings to their original state. Just as bleach is actually worse for the treatment of mold than doing nothing, the same could be said of putting white primer over smoke damage. The smell will remain and will become locked beneath the primer. So don’t make a bad situation worse, call us immediately so we can make your house a home again. 

Real Solutions After a fire, the following steps need to be managed by a fully certified professional:

  • We help remove and secure your valuables to prevent further damage.
  • Create a photographic catalog for your insurance company.
  • Carefully package all your valuables.
  • Odor removal
  • Disinfection
  • Advise on best professional storage options until full structure restoration is complete.
  • Fully reconstruct your damaged interior with a warranty-backed structure integrity, removing all visual evidence of any fire or smoke damage while taking preventative measures against any bacteria growth.

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