Don’t Do These 3 Things If You Have Mold

1. Don’t Wait To Fix The Problem

Molds can be highly toxic and very dangerous for you and your loved ones. This includes your children and your pets. Don’t wait, call us today!

2. Don’t Touch The Mold

Do not put your health in danger! Mold releases nearly invisible spores when you agitate it. Trying to clean it yourself can result in serious health problems. Let us identify the mold and use targeted treatments to get rid of it.

3. Don’t Use Household Cleaners To Try And Get Rid Of Mold

It won’t fix the problem permanently and it stirs up mold spores. Over-the-counter cleaners don’t have enough power to rid you of mold permanently. We are mold remediation specialists using the latest advances in science and technology to rid your home, office, or vehicle of mold. Our professional gas-off equipment can rid all of your surfaces and the surrounding air of toxic mold.

Call Us Now - It Could Save Your Life!